What about this Elsword?

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What about this Elsword?

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The PVP is performed arenas, where you can compete in team sessions, all against 1 or all against 1. The arenas are locations on multiple platforms and constantly offer you the opportunity to escape and jump to prevent enemy attacks. The matches, contrary to other MMORPGs last a lot: the characters have a ton of life and the clashes continue for minutes. It is no coincidence that there is a timer, which once attained zero will finish the meeting. If you want to obtain an notion of Elsword ED?? The PVP fights at level 50, have a ride on YouTube: you will find hundreds (some even very, very persuasive ).

But how can you fund Elsword? Like many free to perform, it also includes a type of digital currency, which can be purchased through real cash. Among the items that may be bought we find armor, special weapons, modifications and items using a purely aesthetic value (like sunglasses, by way of example). Items can be purchased for your character or sold to others, provided they have never been used before.

Through the accounts kindly offered to me to the test I managed to buy several items (including sunglasses Kick-ass) and many different players began to write"Hey, I need those glasses too!" As you can see, the machine works great along with the variety of items which can be bought is only infinite.

The usage of these items obviously gives a reasonable advantage compared to people who don't wish to purchase anything for real money: if sunglasses are only"cool", you can't say the same thing about the sword of death that I took during the test.

When you would like to buy a"cover" thing, we're given the choice to pick the method: on a permanent basis (full cost ) or for a particular length of time. This rent, if we would like to call it, is useful if you want to try a particular thing without needing to pay all of the cash available.

What about this Elsword? It's certainly not a triple A production with millions of bucks funding, but it does its job well. Entirely in Italian and dubbed more than dignified, it shows off a mild and agreeable graphics: of course, it is not World of Warcraft or Star Wars The Old Republic, but nevertheless manages to ensure hours of fun and also to get a fantastic depth of gameplay.

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